I like color and texture and big art and loud laughter. That is what I bring to the canvas through my work.  Having spent almost 24 years in a profession that required me to wear a uniform and follow rules, I found that making art helped keep me balanced.  

In 2008, I spent my days doing manpower analyses in a grey cubicle in the Pentagon, living in the columns and rows of spreadsheets and bureaucracy.  I spent my off time making things with beads and wire and paper and glue.  I found that not only was it fun, I also got to meet like-minded folks. In those days, we used blogging as a way to share and connect so I became part of a wonderful network of artists and creative people.

As a natural continuation on my artful journey, I found my way into mixed media workshops.  You can use anything you want to create art? Yes, please. I welcomed the chaos of a mixed media studio in my house juxtaposed with the good order and discipline of a military office. As it turns out, allowing my creativity to bloom with painted hands and ripped paper helped me grow as an officer. Making decisions, solving problems, and leading people all require flexibility of perspective and commitment—both things that I developed when making art.

Now that I don’t wear a uniform anymore, I still find art as a way to free my mind and make connections. I have enjoyed rejoining my hometown community in Bedford since my move back in 2016 and am happy to be a part of our vibrant little art world.  Please enjoy!


From 2008 to 2017 I blogged about my art and craft exploits. I met dozens of artisans I now call friends. Lots of my experiments in jewelry and wire, photography, and painting are catalogued on this Jen Judd Rocks blogspot site.


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